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Visit the ancient Rome and the Colosseum

"Never will you see a city greater than Rome."

Ovidio, Carmine Saeculares 17 a. C.


In this itinerary, we take a backward leap in time to discover the place where Romulus founded Rome over 2,700 years ago and around which the city developed. I'll tell you the real legend of the she-wolf who suckled the two twins and then we'll let ourselves be amazed by the huge mass of the Flavio amphitheatre, which over the centuries changed its name to Colosseum. After that, we'll cross the Roman and Imperial Forums to reach the funeral column of the Emperor Trajan, who even cut a hill to assure himself a suitably dignified burial in the city. We'll then go up to the panoramic terrace of the Campidoglio (the Capitol, the seat of Rome's local government), which at sunset offers the most celebrated, breathtaking panorama of Rome. Its intense ochre colours will repay you for the effort of the uphill route, after which we'll end up in the most handled piazza of Italy - shown on the face of the Italian 50 eurocent coin, Piazza del Campidoglio.


For more inquisitive tourists, the same itinerary can be viewed in greater depth by visiting the site from within, i.e. by starting at the Colosseum, going up Palatine Hill and visiting the Roman forum, travelling the Via Sacra (Sacred Road) like victorious Roman emperors did. All this can be done with a ticket costing Ä 16.80 that can be used for a whole two days - but that it's better to book in advance to avoid wasting time in extenuating queues. Here below is the address to make the booking.
The visit lasts 3 hours. It can start either from the Palatine Hill or from the Capitol (Campidoglio) and covers a distance of 1.5 km (just under a mile). It's better to wear comfortable shoes and, in the summertime, a sunhat. If you are more than 6 people, it's advisable to be equipped with earphones to listen to the guide's explanations. Earphones are in any case compulsory for groups of more than 6 people inside churches. If you have other questions to ask me, please


You can bring additional depth to your walk through ancient Rome by visiting the Capitoline Museums which are in fact located in Piazza del Campidoglio. Besides the splendid picture gallery and the state-of-the art Galleria Lapidaria (featuring archaeological inscriptions), you can admire the Capitoline she-wolf, one of the most ancient bronze statues found, the miraculously saved statue of Marcus Aurelius and part of the Tabularium, i.e. the ancient public records office of Rome, from where it is possible to take a closer, admiring look at the entablatures of the Forumís temples.
Or for children, and for adults too, it is possible to make a virtual 3D tour of ancient Rome. For information, visit the site Ö


To make things easier for visitors and to disturb praying churchgoers less, there is a regulation that, in churches, basilicas and chapels, groups of more than 6 people must be equipped with earphones so that guides arenít forced to raise their voices when providing explanations.
I myself, however, find that earphones are in any case practical tools making it possible to optimize use of time and communicate information better. Here below youíll find some sites where you can book them.

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