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Visit the famous baroque squares and fountains of Rome

Il y a une Rome,
où le temps s'est arrêté,
où les statues parlent, lorsque les fleuves se rencontrent,
posément, à l'ombre de la paix.
Là, la vie coule encore légère
dans les rues toujours pavées de lumière.

L’auteur romain


There’s a part of Rome where time has stood still, where life still flows lightly among the stone-flagged streets in that place where the statues talk, and where 4 rivers meet in the shadow of peace. Come with me and experience the magic of the famous Roman piazzas; I’ll tell you about the fountains and then we’ll see the dramatic colouring of the paintings of Caravaggio. After that there’s the Pantheon – I’ll explain to you how come its dome is still standing and the mysteries shielded by its grandeur – and then, still roaming, I’ll take you through the most scenographic narrow roads of Rome, where famous film directors made films that then became cult movies. I’ll show you the colonnade of a temple and the allure of the piazza surrounding it, followed by the palazzos of Italian power, with their flags. And onwards until we reach the Trevi fountain – I can’t guarantee you the dip with Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg but I can definitely immerse you in the atmosphere of the world’s most “cinegenic” piazza, then moving on until we arrive at the Spanish Steps (Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti).


The tour can last from 2 to 4 hours. It can be started from the Trevi fountain or from Piazza di Spagna (at the foot of the Spanish Steps) then going towards Piazza Navona, or vice versa. In the end you’ll cover about 2 km (just over 1.2 miles). The itinerary as outlined above does not envisage payment of any additional entrance fee. If you prefer, you can hire a scooter to avoid going crazy in the Roman traffic and facilitate your moves from one place to another. If you are a group of more than 6 people, earphones are compulsory if you want to follow the guided tour also inside the Pantheon. Have you other questions that you want to ask? Please feel free to contact me.


Other itineraries also unwind in the same zone that could in part be combined with this itinerary. The tour could be combined with part or all of the Caravaggio itinerary, inserting the visits to the basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo or of Sant’Agostino, or to the itinerary On the trail of Bernini and Borromini (itinerary page opens). Alternatively, you could take a closer look by visiting the Galleria Pamphili or the Galleria Colonna (link with gallery sites), both of which have a wealth of Renaissance and Baroque art collections.
Check on the map, however, to see whether the itinerary you have in mind is feasible in the time available.

appropriate clothing

It has long not been rare to find a sign at the entrance of the main churches banning the entry of people in sleeveless tops and shorts. While in the majority of churches in Italy no one takes any notice if this ban is not respected, in Rome – above all in the basilicas that have Vatican extraterritorial status – there are Vatican people who check that it is. Appropriate dress is therefore advisable, i.e. with knees and shoulders covered, for the itineraries that include visits inside churches such as, for example, the Vatican Museums, Baroque Rome and Christian Rome itineraries.


To make things easier for visitors and to disturb praying churchgoers less, there is a regulation that, in churches, basilicas and chapels, groups of more than 6 people must be equipped with earphones so that guides aren’t forced to raise their voices when providing explanations.
I myself, however, find that earphones are in any case practical tools making it possible to optimize use of time and communicate information better. Here below you’ll find some sites where you can book them.

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