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Rome is beautiful, so beautiful that, I swear, nothing else seems to me to compare with it. In short, to tell you my thinking on Rome, it is not only the most beautiful city in the world, but it also is without a possibility of comparison with any other.

Charles de Brosses


It is a real innovative personal transporter which is rapidly developing in the city. It is an electric vehicle designed to reflect the process of human walking, and which houses the driver standing. The driver must lean forward to go forward and lean back to go backward and right and left to turn. Its balance is controlled by a computer and an electric motor which works on the two wheels. It was invented for an urban use, and is very practical and funny to employ especially for guided tours on wide cities such as Rome.

The Segway for sightseeing Rome

Normally, when you use the Segway for a guided tour, you do, first, an oriented tour around the city including even monuments normally too far, then, you can chose to explore from closer the one that interested you by getting off the vehicle and approaching it. The major advantage of using this vehicle for the guided tours is that it dramatically reduces moving times between a monument and an other, time which sometimes, can be , leaving more time for the visit.
With the Segway, it is going to be much easier and faster "whiz" in the Roman streets between an ice-cream, a coffee at St. Eustace Bar and a guided tour in the Baroque area!!!!
It can be adopted for all sightseeing tours of Rome offered on this site even if there are some you can do better by food like visit at the Colosseum and in the Roman Forum!
There are guided tours that fit really very well with the use of the Segway than others.
The Baroque Rome tours, for example, when done by Segway, it is really rich and complete as we can add, to a normal walking tour, more monuments or nice corners normally too far to be seen.
Even with the themed guided tours it would be really useful to employ the Segway for moving: very useful would be to use it for the tours "on the trail of Bernini and Borromini" or "searching Caravaggio" where some of the monuments are outside the city walls.
Funny would definitely be adopting it for the tours of "Rome sculpted by water" and very relaxing would be climbing the seven hills following the “Panoramic Rome” tour from where we can admire the splendid views on the city.
Finally, the Segway would be perfect even for a relaxing tour along the river Tiber, taking advantage of the wide sidewalks along the bed of the river from where you can enjoy an unusual view of the city.
The Segway tours in Rome last at least 3 hours as those done by foot and are targeted only for small groups from 2 to 6 people. It starts at the stall of the company that rents the equipment, where the staff will make us to do a first orientation tour to understanding the operation of the vehicle. The group will be, also, equipped with headphones in order to listen to my explanations even during movement phases. If you want to see a possible itinerary to do with the Segway, the monuments we can see and the stops we can make, please contact me at my email.

What is the Segway

The Segway is an electric vehicle for personal urban transport consisting in a platform with two wheels with a gyroscopic stabilization system and an handlebar detecting the tilting of the platform. The Segway was developed by Dean Kamen, and is produced by the American company Segway Inc. The passenger does not need to put his feet on the ground for the balance. His dynamic stabilization is provided by a wheel system assisted by tilt sensors. The vehicle uses the principle of the inverted pendulum, where the pendulum is represented by the passenger. To drive it, you need to lean the weight of your body to the direction you want to proceed: by moving the weight forward, the Segway moves forward, and moving backward, it breaks and change direction. Moving the handlebar to the right or left, the Segway turns. The changes from a balanced status are first detected by the gyroscopes: signals are sent to the onboard computers which then direct motors to regain balance. This process occurs about 100 times per second, and occurs almost immediately after the balance is upset by the rider. The slope is so limited and corrected immediately by the acceleration of the wheels so that the balancing and movement work like one only combined system.
Segway can be used to travel long distances even by persons with mobility impairments who can, however, stand, and by those who work in large areas such as logistics, airports or pedestrian areas of cities. The Segway was invented on the 90's, and the one available in the market today are the second generation. All of them are equipped with the new technology that allows you to drive the Segway simply moving your body, eliminating any risk of inadvertent imbalances caused by holes or bumps. With the second generation, the device is also equipped with wireless remote control to start and stop the engine, to activate the alarm system and to give you information about the distance traveled or the average speed which can varies between a minimum of 7 mph to a maximum of 12mph.
The batteries are phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries, and can be charged from household current with a maximum charging time of approximately 8 hours. The two-stroke engine has a power of about 4 horses, remarkable for a vehicle carrying one passenger. This power allows it to overcome steep slopes, both on a firm ground like in the city and bumpy roads with a maximum gradient of 36%. On a technical level the Segway is very stable and quiet, proceeds without jolts and is easy to maneuver, accelerates gently, and stops quickly in emergency. The curves with a radius of up to 15 feet can be faced at maximum speed without any risk of slipping maintaining a full control of the vehicle. The Segway is easy to use for a wide range of users, and compares to other types of vehicles such as bicycle or scooters it is more stable and safe. The use of the Segway is prohibited only to pregnant women and to those who do not see enough well to drive a vehicle.

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